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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

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Famous freaks and prodigies

Since man is able to record history, there has been prodigies and defects in the millions of human births that happened on Earth.

The exhibition of freaks, monstrosities or marvels of nature were essential components of travelling exhibitions in Europe and America throughout the Victorian period.

When the freak show was no longer a popular attraction many naturally born and self-made freaks took to museums and traveling street fairs. Memorabilia from many of these acts can still be seen in museums today.

Today the popularity of being the odd man out, tattoos, horrendous looking piercings and other self-made oddities has caused a new wave of freak show activity; most of it being presented on the internet.

Here is a short list of the most awesome freaks of all time.

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# Article Title Hits
1 The Wild Men 12379
2 The ancient Aztec children 14074
3 The "What Is It?" 12882
4 Schlitzie 12145
5 The Hilton Sisters 15326
6 The Human Caterpillar 12671
7 Julia Pastrana 9209
8 The Dog-Faced Boy 13284
9 The Mule-Faced Woman 9600
10 Quasimodo 10668

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