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Friday, November 27, 2015

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Since the beginning, there have been a few humans who, through some flaw in a gene or other reason, are born outside of the boundaries of "normal". Mentally and/or physically, they are different from the majority. Some are taller than normal; some are smaller than normal. Some are physically joined to a twin sibling. Some have missing, extra or disproportionate body parts.

A hundred years ago performers from the Barnum and Bailey Circus, led by their own Bearded Lady, Miss Annie Jones, held a meeting in London to call for a less "opprobrious" classification than "freaks." The euphemism they agreed on, "prodigies," seems about a century ahead of its time.

Only now are the human anomalous receiving the respect that other persecuted groups have found in recent decades. Once more here at we try to put the light on of the most guarded secret of our modern societies. If you don’t feel at ease with abnormality please step out, otherwise try to understand and let the freak flag fly.


Monstrous Movies